Taste 1655

Tasting by hand

Just like all the finest, most outstanding products, 1655 is subject to specific criteria as far as the art of tasting is concerned. When tasted by hand, 1655 must first be left to rest at room temperature for approximately twenty minutes in order for it to reveal the full extent of its flavour.

Although everyone is free to taste 1655 as they wish, we would like to describe a little ritual which is sure to sharpen your senses and help you to fully appreciate this exceptional Gruyère AOP. Start by tasting the cheese with your eyes and examining its rind, which should be nicely golden in colour. Then touch the cheese to discover its subtle, melting texture. Breathe in its aroma, initially woody and then slightly fruity. Finally, taste the cheese and savour its surprisingly strong-bodied flavour and slightly salty tones. Nothing else is needed, merely the cheese alone. And that is the hallmark of 1655: even the most demanding palate will delight in this amazing product.

Savour a 1655

Savouring a 1655 is above all a new culinary experience and a delicious blend of flavours which will awaken all your senses.

A bold and explosive mixture with more than its fair share of taste sensations. 1655 is best served with a delicate sparkling wine or white wine due to its airy minerality and heightened acidity. Dry white wine, with its fine and fruity aromas of apple, citrus, pineapple or grape, is an excellent choice to accompany a 1655. For a lighter sensation, taste 1655 with a sweet wine produced from the late harvests. If, as a special treat, you have the opportunity to accompany your 1655 with a Swiss regional wine, you will experience an explosion of unforgettable flavours.

Red wine lovers, rest assured, 1655 can also be served with silky, fruity tannins.

For a succulent and surprising contrast, add a smidgen of blackberry or raspberry jam to your 1655. As a carpaccio served with a drop of olive oil, this Gruyère also reveals all its finesse as it melts delicately in the mouth.

You will doubtless find many other combinations to suit your own personal tastes.

1655 the treasure of Gruyère

Tasting Gruyère AOP 1655 transports you to the very heart of Gruyère country and its surrounding area, where green pastures and rolling hills can be found alongside snow-topped peaks and bright blue lakes.

1655 the treasure of Gruyère
Taste 1655 Gruyère from 1655 | A noble tradition