Discover a treasure

Its origin

A traditional recipe inherited from its region of origin, Gruyère, gives 1655 its unique taste. This alchemy creates an exceptional cheese with a naturally fruity taste, enhanced by more or less pronounced hints of flavour which vary according to the local soil.


Its legend

Gruyère, a place steeped in legend and tradition, is first and foremost the land of cheese, the pride of its inhabitants. If Gruyère AOP 1655 can lay claim to being the best Gruyère cheese of all, it is because the milk used to produce it comes from herds fed exclusively on grass from the region’s pastures, which boasts excellent nutritional qualities.


Excellence from ancestral know-how

1655 is produced exclusively by skilled cheesemakers who work meticulously and to the highest standard.


Savour a 1655

Savouring a 1655 is above all a new culinary experience and a delicious blend of flavours which will awaken all your senses.

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