Excellence from ancestral know-how

A rich local soil

Gruyère’s local riches are its pastures, a green oasis of amazing beauty and abundant resources.

If Gruyère AOP 1655 can lay claim to being the best Gruyère cheese of all, it is because the milk used to produce it comes from herds fed exclusively on grass from the region’s pastures, be it fresh or dried, which boasts excellent nutritional qualities.

1655 demands the best. And the best can be found in the noble legacy of the county of Gruyère. Located south of the Canon of Fribourg in Switzerland, the Gruyère region is dominated by the medieval town of Gruyère, whose castle has been home to a series of famous counts over the years. The area lies in a splendid setting at the gateway to the Alps. The city and its cobblestone streets are trodden by pilgrims from the four corners of the earth, while cranes, the town's symbolic birds, perch on its dwellings.

A land of legend and tradition

Gruyère, a place steeped in legend and tradition, is first and foremost the land of cheese, the pride of its inhabitants. 1655 is a part of the region's history, as a federating local product. 1655 represents the promise of a sensational tasting experience, not to mention a very enjoyable social occasion for cheese lovers.

1655 is produced exclusively by skilled cheesemakers who work meticulously and to the highest standard. Strict production rules must be followed to make Gruyère AOP 1655 an exclusive product.

A secret

Only 15% of the producers of Gruyère AOP have received an award for the superior, consistent quality of their products. 1655 is all about constantly striving for excellence. It is made only by expert cheesemakers, most of whom are gold medal winners and have their own ancestral know-how, shaped by their extensive experience and respect of cheesemaking culture. Trusting in their skill will enable you to taste the ultimate in sophistication, subtle flavours and authenticity.

How many months does it take for a Gruyère AOP 1655 to ripen? That is a secret kept by Fromage Gruyère SA, the exclusive ripener of 1655.

A delicious treasure

Once the wheels of 1655 have been produced by the cheesemakers, they are taken to the cellars of Fromage Gruyère SA at the heart of the Gruyère region. And so begins the final stage before the cheese is put on the shelves, which consists of many months of careful tending.

As the wheels of 1655 are turned and treated one by one, they gain the handsome smear which is proof of a healthy cheese with an intense and generous taste. Each batch of 1655 is entrusted to a specific master cheesemaker who scrupulously monitors the maturing of this natural, live product until the perfect ripening time has been reached

1655 the treasure of Gruyère

Tasting Gruyère AOP 1655 transports you to the very heart of Gruyère country and its surrounding area, where green pastures and rolling hills can be found alongside snow-topped peaks and bright blue lakes.

1655 the treasure of Gruyère
Excellence from ancestral know-how Gruyère from 1655 | A noble tradition